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This is just a game about cute fairies doing cute fairy things.

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Actually my first project using it. And first one to be made so much by myself.

Menu controls:
Arrows - choice option
Z - next\agree
X - back

Game controls:
Arrow keys up and down (or moving the mouse pointer at desired place) - change row.
Z (or left click) - throw a gem
X (or middle click) - use special ability.
Space bar (or right click) - exchange your gems.
Enter - pause (any keyboard key to unpause)

=About the game's world=

Your heroes of today are:

Markiza pic Markiza
Info-fairy - Young individual composed
of only two things - information and
desire to obtain new information.
Sersh pic Sersh
Tech-fairy - Lone wanderer, aimlessly
pondering around Fairy Lands. Also
he often loses his hand, so it is hidden
in his pocket most of time.
Roxanna pic Roxanna
Rag-fairy - Little silly girl with a big
melodic dream. She is soft to the
touch too.
Volia pic Volia
Aqua-fairy - Self-confident boy made
of magical clay who possesses ability
to control water. He is water. He is sane.
He loves to eat.
Skootis pic Skootis
Ash-fairy - She will be the strongest,
you hear me? This is for
sure is not her writings! But it is truth!
Rinka pic Rinka
Barbarian-fairy - This girl surely loves
marzipan cakes. And to crush stuff
when cake goes not into her belly.
And hey, she is important!

Little cute fairies live in this world. Having fun! Working together to solve problems! Eating food that the necromancer makes! Working together to create problems! Exactly the life from a fairy-tale! Isn't it?

Oh, Fairy Lands, what a silly place~!

Wise one

"You should work hard and be smart about your actions" - says Wiseghaika, strange creature that lives by the Lake.
She'd like to be your instructor, she'd like to give you answers!

Gem picFairy Gems?Gem pic

Weird gems are falling from the skies! Who will manage to do something about it? Maybe Rinka? Well, Wiseghaika surely hopes that somebody will do something.

Some fairies managed to learn how to use them as a weapon, so fights will be less painful. But not all of them have mastered this art. To be exact - neither of our six heroes can use those mysterious stones in big barrages. This... might give you some problems. But c'mon, since when were heroes stronger that their foes? (Please, don't say it in front of Skootis.)

Back to gems! Weird thing about them - when two of the same color collide, they go "ding" and release some weird spheres. Those spheres can absorb other gems! Red spheres, for example, absorb all red gems, they meet, but will stop after absorbing any gem that isn't red. The same happens with others, mostly-maybe! ('^' )

If gems will touch left side of your screen, you'll get hurt! Does it makes sense? What are "screens"? I heard abut them from Astro-fairies, but now they are extinct, so I can't ask them.

Gem picGem picGem picGem picGem pic

Gray gems are different and weird! They won't hurt you and most likely will disappear after touching that weird shield in front of you. It is almost like they're devoid of energy. But you shouldn't take them too easy - You can't destroy them as there are no gray gems in your arsenal, so, only way is either to wait while they will be destroyed by the barrier, or make some sphere touch them.

=About the game itself=

This game is made in the vein of old puzzle-like games, without real twist. Just simple active puzzle.Or maybe there is some twist?

For the first game made with this engine I think it is good job from my side, considering, that everything except music is made by sole silly me.

Now, there is a couple known bugs that can occur, but won't destroy game too much, or maybe they are finally gone - couldn't get them last beta-testing session. Game just... likes to be important to you, so please remember to put it on a pause, if you suddenly need to do something else, while playing. ('^' )

Please, tell us about bugs, we'll be trying to fix them.

Remember to save settings in OPTIONS, or else when you restart the game they'll go back to standard ones.

Ver 1.1.1 controller support added

Ver 1.2. slight graphical overhaul

=Contact us=

E-mail: Pgts4nuli(at)gmail.com

Tumblr: http://djekue-kun.tumblr.com/



Story picStoryStory pic Story picArtStory pic
Mus picMusicMus pic Mus picTestingMus pic
Odd Meat
Odd Meat
Mr. RK

Labtop 215
Story picGameplayStory pic

Story picTranslationStory pic
Odd Meat
(with some
assistance from dsp2003)


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